Wednesday Aloha

Aloha, you beautiful strummers of Cool Hand Ukes

Thanks to you all for another brilliant jam on 20th April at The Dorset, and particular thanks to Martin, for Book 5, and Andy, for all the lovely bound copies he brought along.

Just a few little bits and pieces from me….

  • Our next public performance is at the Lewes May Fayre at Southover Priory on 21st May. We will be strumming between a Viking battle re-enactment and a Martial Arts display. This might be our craziest gig yet. The dress code for us is bright colours and peace! We are playing a 30 minute set from 12:45. See for more details of the event. And let us make sure that someone is able to photograph us with the Vikings.
  • Well done to those who braved the weather at Heffle – we are due a break in the weather for these outdoor performances.
  • When we next meet on 4th May we intend to set a diary date for some busking.
  • Ray from Uckfield joined us to take a photo of us for the Uckfield Festival gig (14th July).

And … I disclosed my great plan for us to look into adding another great skill to our performances…we have been asked twice now to march with processions, and I would love us to have the ability to walk and play. I am working on some ideas right now on how we might easily achieve this and will discuss with you next time…we are a Lewes uke group, and maybe if we can do this, we might even get an invite one day to march with a bonfire society! It would certainly be interesting to busk and be able to go for a wander if we wished….a sort of pop-up wandering uke group.

I think that’s enough….I have penned this for Abi as she is up to her neck in organising several elections and a referendum at present.

Love and peace to you all




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