New Venue – Wahoo!

Aloha chums – our short-lived exile will soon be over. Abi and I were just waiting to hear back from a few venues, and we are pleased to announce that we have a new home. We have secured the Linklater Pavilion on the Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve (it is a beautiful eco building).

As you know, we tried to satisfy several criteria in our search for a new home, namely:

  • Availability (it is available to us and will only rarely be used on one of our Wednesdays for other things)
  • Town centre location (the pavilion is a very short walk from a town centre car park)
  • In Lewes (some of our strummers live in the town and attend on foot)
  • Wednesday rotation (many of us play in other groups so we have looked for a venue that will keep us where we were in terms of meeting nights).

So, we have our very own eco-pavilion. There will, of course, be a charge to use the venue, but with the numbers that regularly attend this should never be more than around £2 per person each time we meet…not bad for a night out!

Crucially, we will not be annoying other users of the venue – which is what did our legs at The Dorset!
The Linklater pavilion is a really beautiful space. You can see more about it at the following links :
The Friars walk car park is just a few minutes walk from the pavilion.

When summer returns we should be able to play outside the pavilion on the reserve if we wish.
I know that Abi particularly has worked really hard to find us a venue, contacting literally dozens of pubs, clubs and halls, so my thanks go to her.
I am hoping that the admin might be done in time for us to next meet on our usual rotation on 19th October at our new home…I will keep you all posted once the booking forms are done.
Viva Cool Hand Ukes.

Love and Peace

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