New (old) location! We return to The Dorset!

Aloha Cool Hand Uker’s

With thanks to Jon and Dave White, we have managed to find two locations in Lewes able to accommodate us. We had a discussion on Wednesday about both venues and felt that with ample free parking nearby and no attendance cost, The Dorset was the better option. It is under new management and when we spoke to the new manager he seemed very keen on our return. The alternate venue, which was also very good had a bar, a private room for our jam sessions, but had a small annual joining fee and less immediate parking, we will keep this as a backup option.

So the good news is having found a free ‘open-to-all’ venue where Cool Hand Ukes can continue for as long as we wish and most importantly it takes the pressure and sole responsibility from Jason & Abi of attending every session, so like the rest of us they are once again free to dip in and out of the group. I’m sure you’d all like to join me in wishing them an enormous thank you for having arranged our time at the Linklater and having opened, taken payment and close up at every meeting, not to mention running every evening as well.

So, our next meeting on 7th March 7:30pm with be at The Dorset, 22 Malling Street, Lewes. East Sussex BN7 2RD, in the same room we’ve used previously. We should have access most weeks, but there may be a few clashes with existing meetings, but the will let us know.

During our final jam at the Linklater we continued with the Great Songbook Cull of unplayable or un-liked songs. Some we marked for incineration, others considered worth practice, so we decided to perhaps have two books, a ‘Performance-ready’ book, and a ‘Projects’ book. We also tried a couple of new songs including Tickle My Heart which is promising.

With the Performance book in mind, a date for you diary:

31st March 2018 noon(?time tbc) we have a busk in Lewes High Street in aid of Cancer Research.

Jason has suggested we have a practice of the performance book during the next two sessions. This was a really great event last year, so it would be great to have everyone around to re-practice our best performance songs.

So onwards fellow-ukes we can all look forward to familiar surroundings, liquid refreshments and easy parking, and the ability to annoy Cliffe residents! Marv.

See you on the 7th!

Andy x

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