Performance songbook

Given the chance Cool hand ukes love to play for other people. We take our favourite songs, or those we murder the least from our songbooks and compile them into The Performance Songs Book below.

Performance Playlist ***last updated April 6th 2018***

Jam books

Here is collection of songs that we love to murder in our own special way. We have recently held a cull of books 1-6 to weed out those we never play, and have combined these into only 2 ‘active’ active books. The Performance Book (above) and The Other Book. This contains songs we like, but don’t think are right for performance, or we’re learning and a home for New songs for those who want to down load to a tablet. We add new songs to The Other Book all the time, so come back and look. If you would like to share new song, simply bring along copies of any song to our fortnightly Jam sessions and we will try it and add it to out next songbook. If the song has many or uncommon chords please try and include them on your sheet. We like to try any songs from any genre or age.

Cool Hand Ukes Other Book ***last updated Sept 3rd 2018***
Cool Hand Ukes Spookele Songbook 7 *UPDATED Nov 2016*
Cool hand Yulelele Christmas Songbook 8 *UPDATED 1 Dec 2016*
Cool hand ukes Beatles collection
The CHU Cowboy Songbook

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