Iris’s Party

Aloha chums – I just wanted to send more details about our birthday party gig to a bunch of kids and their parents. There are likely to be quite a few people there…less that at Rye, but more than at Uckfield High Street – somewhere in between!

The party will be running from 11am – 1pm on 5th November at Christ Church, Prince Edwards Road, Lewes, BN7 1BL.

Abi and I will be setting the party up from 10am, with kids arriving at 11am, so feel free to arrive any time from 1045am onwards. I would imagine we will get going shortly after 11am with our performance. There will be plenty of hot and cold drinks, and biscuits and cakes for you brilliant minstrels. Dress code is our usual colourful selves.

I have printed off a few of our singalong books for parents.

There is uncontrolled parking outside the church along Fitzjohns Road, but if all else fails there is further uncontrolled parking on the other side of Nevill Road in Nevill Crescent. There are 1-2 parking bays in the church itself – please don’t use these as Abi and I will have loads of stuff in our cars to unload for the party.

CLICK HERE for more information / maps / directions to Christ Church.

This performance should be a hoot – a whole bunch of hyperactive kids on sugar! And there is just a chance that we might get more “bookings” out of this – all of which will add to our pot of money to donate.

Thanks to you all, you wonderful strummers, for doing this. Iris is very excited about having a live band at her party. We can really fool around with our songs at this one and get the kids doing some crazy stuff – I have kazoos for all the kids, but will give these out towards the end in case we can’t compete with the noise.

Love and Peace
Jason and Abi

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