Hello you Cool Hand Ukers!

Hi All,

Sorry I’ve missed the last two jams, hope you’ve all had a great summer, not that it’s over yet of course. I hear this weather is set until November! Oh, hang on that’s Spain.

Anyhoo’s… attached is an updated Other Book with some suggestions that have come in during the last few weeks. They are all corkers so they’ve gone straight in, I’ll print a few paper copies for Wednesday… Shake It Off has become my latest obsessional. Thanks Dave, my family (don’t) thank you…

Cool Hand Ukes Other_Book Sept 3rd 2018

A reminder that Patrick’s Last Night event, is this Saturday 8th at 7pm for a 7:30 start, we will play from the Performance Book unless we decide on Wednesday that something from the Other Book HAS to be played. For those playing, Patrick’s address is available via email.

Patrick has asked in particular for:

Plastic Jesus
Rocking all over the world
This Train (not sure this is the CHU books? – but if we can get some copies I’m sure we can give it a go)?

I’d suggest we have a practice of a few on Wednesday and come up with list, – some that we’re pretty confident with… and a few singalongs…

See you all Wednesday

Andy x

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