Happy 2019 and welcome to the Snowdrop!

Hi folks, great to see you all again it seems like ages since we had a strum, fantastic.  I think everyone liked the Snowdrop as a venue. Even if the chairs were trying to reduce our numbers … (Shaun, I hope no ill-effects?)

I’ve added the 3 songs we had a bash at to The Other Book so we can have a practice, I think we felt Sway & Spirit in the Sky worked, but You Can Get It … might not work, but we can give it another go…


Some things to ponder…..

  • As quite a few folk use tablets, I wonder if it might be easier if we combine the Performance & Other Book into just one mahoosive book. For all you techno kids it will make switching between songs, and I can renumber all the pages again to mean we will have at least possible page numbers.  Such fun. Also we are pretty good at most of them so we should be happy to play any if called upon at time of war.
  • I dropped the Snowdrop a ‘thank you’ message and to check they were happy for us to return, and had the following message…

Hi Andy, it was an absolute pleasure to host you all. Our locals enjoyed the sound of live music and we would be more than happy for you to play downstairs next time. Unless you prefer not having direct audience. We look forward to next time! See you soon

So, maybe we play down stairs next time? – If we take over one /two sides I think we’ll all squeeze in, and if we’re a bit nearer to each other, I think that’s a good thing as we will hear each other better, maybe not great if we’re learning new songs, but can be fun having people around that can join in the fun.

  • A final thing, if there are songs you want to have a go at, do bring them along, or drop me the name, and if I can find the chords / lyrics somewhere we can give it a go.

Have a great couple of weeks and see you on the 23rd January!

Andy x

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