!!! Cool Hand Ukes & the Dorset …. change of night !!!

Hi folks,

Following on the convo’s earlier this week, we need to move from our regular fortnightly Wednesday slot at the Dorset, sadly effective immediately. Thanks for you responses to the questions earlier in the week The preference is to carry-on meeting and the over-whelming preference was to stay at the Dorset siting ease of parking and the size/feel of the room as reasons, and that for almost everyone the 1st & 3rd Mondays are a workable alternative. Tuesday is a busy night for folks already and Thursday the Dorset is unavailable.

I know there are a few folks for which Monday is a bad night, I’m sorry we can’t accommodate everyone, but I asked if the Dorset’s arrangements for Wednesday night change perhaps we can have the option to switch back. A couple of alternative venues were also suggested:

The Lewes Arms – this is where CHU started out, but we were asked to leave as we outgrew the space available to us.
The Royal Oak. – I have contacted them regarding availability, they’ve checked out our pages, but have to yet respond.

So, on your collective behalf I’ve said we will switch to the 1st & 3rd Mondays of each month, same time 7:30 – 9:30. So not to clash with WUP’s This change is immediate and the new tenants have already moved in to Wednesday evenings, so we will not be meeting this Wednesday, but, as this is a 5-Monday month we will meet this Monday 29th October instead.

Just to complicate matters, the 1st Monday in November is 5th. So unless anyone wants to provide any additional ukulele-shaped firewood, I’ve suggested our next Jam will be Monday 19th October, and then subsequent 1st and 3rd Mondays from then on. If we wish we can meet on any 5th-Monday’s too, but there isn’t one for a few months, so we have time to think on this.

One question – We spoke about having a meal/buffet together near Christmas, I think the best session for this will be 17th December, if you can let me know if you’ll be able to attend, then I can let The Dorset know some numbers.

Sorry for the late changes, but see you on Monday 29th 7:30 !

Andy x

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