Cool Hand Nukes

Aloha, you brilliant strummers,

Abi and I continue to bombard potential venues in Lewes with calls and emails, and nothing has yet cropped up. Abi is targetting more halls and community centres this week, and if these prove negative we will widen the field to areas immediately outside Lewes. We will, of course, keep you updated. But the reason for this update is to remind you that we are not meeting this week at the Dorset.

And Gary had the brilliant idea that while we are a band in exile, we should consider inviting you all along to our next Nukehaven gathering as an interim measure.
So, you are all cordially invited to join us at 7:30pm on 12th October at The Hillcrest Community Centre, Bay Vue Road, Newhaven, BN9 9LH.

I have attached our first Nukehaven book, and bring all your Cool Hand Uke books as usual to share with our Newhaven friends.

There is loads of free parking at the venue. You will be charged £1 subs by me, all of which goes to the community centre (which does some amazing work in the town). Feel free to bring drinks (not alcoholic) and snacks.

And all I ask is that you do not arrive and set-up between 7pm – 7:30pm as this is when I do a new strummers session with a few of our new friends.
Hope to see you all in Newhaven for the Cool Hand Ukes in exile (we will add this to our world tour list).

Love and peace


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