Combined songbook and Performance date

Hi folks,

I hope everyone has survived the slushy travelling this week without incident.

Below (and also via links on the website) is a shiny new songbook that combines the Performance Book and Other book into one volume, hopefully easier for searching for those tablet / laptop users. It also in (nearly) alphabetical order for now…

Song Book Feb 2019 – Cool Hand Ukes

If you’ve already printed out the Performance & Other book, there’s no need to print this again if you don’t want to, as each page in this combined book has a reference to the old Performance / Other book and page number so we should still be able to locate a song, or not and play two different songs at the same time. Such fun. This book has Al’s We love to Boogie (still my favourite new song), and Dave’s suggestion of

As we spoke about last time we met, Susan Harris has asked to play in Lewes in aid of Cancer Research on Saturday 13th April, I’m assuming at noon for an hour, but we’ll get more details nearer the time.

The Snowdrop seem keen for us to play downstairs, so why don’t we try this Wednesday and see how it goes, there is quite a lot of room on the left-hand side of the bar as your walk in so let’s congregate on that side, if its rubbish or too cramped we can always migrate upstairs…

See you Wednesday
Andy x

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