Aloha you lovelies

Hello you wonderful lot,

Thank you for a fabulous Burns night on Wednesday, it was a joy to combine you lovely lot, ukuleles, Burns & shortbread! Brilliant. We did a lot of fantastic strumming and managed to break away from the performance book and have a good explore of some of the gems in our early books.

We had a go at the chord progressions on the marching ukes sheets…it sounded good and has the potential to be a lot of fun! It’s going to be heavily led by Jason, but we all need to try to have a go at memorising them – we agreed to try and do our best to learn 1-4!

We had a chat about the great gigs and events that we have coming up including a couple of new ones – particularly exciting is David’s mother-in-law’s 100th birthday party!! Please make sure that all these are in your diaries:

8th March 2017 – Shaftesbury Court in Uckfield at 7.30pm. Thank you John for arranging this for us – a fabulous alternative to the unavailable Linklater.
7th May 2017 – Brighton Festival Fringe, Unity Stage at Jubilee Square. Four 15 minute sets between 12 noon and 5pm.
20th May 2017 Lewes May Fayre.
10th June 2017 – 100th Birthday Party!!! We will be playing for about 30-45 minutes for a very lively audience at Mitchell House, Lexden Drive, Seaford, BN25 3AQ.
24th June 2017 – Bikers get together at Langley Sports Club, Priory Road.
28th June 2017 – Linklater unavailable – maybe have a picnic meeting instead?
8th July 2017 – Rye Ukulele Festival
5th August 2017 – Pride TBC
20th August 2017 – Pevensey Ukulele Festival.

We are still looking for a venue for our planned & hoped for Ukulele Camp – if anyone has any ideas let us know.

Jason is working on our glorious Rivers and Trains song book. If you have a suggestion remember the usual rules apply – please send in the song including chords not just the title and that you need to know it well enough to lead it if necessary!

Finally, we’ll all try to remember our Dedicated Follower props for next time so we can practice it before Shaftesbury Court!!

Have a brilliant week or so and see you next time.

X Abi

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