Aloha Rye

Hello all you beautiful lot,

Once again, what a great night we had yesterday. The volume and quality of our singing and playing was definitely the best yet. We were absolutely right to applaud ourselves!

Firstly, a big welcome to our newest member Jonathon – thank you for coming along and not being frightened off by the pub press-ganging that you had from Jason & I! We hope that you will come back and join us again.

Obviously, the biggest item for this little update is that this Sunday (3rd July) is the Rye Ukulele Festival.

Our definite Rye Songs are:
Rockin’ All Over The World (in the style of Live Aid)
Lady Madonna
Don’t Say Aloha

If we have the time we will delight the crowd by playing them:
You Never Can Tell
Wanna Be Like You

The Rye timings are:
1130 – Festival opens
1200 – First uke group (Wadhurst Ukulele Group)
1350 – First Big Busk for 40 minutes
1530 – Cool Hand Ukes (yeay!)
1735 – Second Big Busk for 25 minutes
1800 – Open mic starts

Final notes for attendees:
1) Chairs…bring ‘em if you have ‘em as chairs are very, very limited. Or bring blankets.
2) The stage will have 10 chairs, 10 music stands and 7 mics. The suggestion is though that we play standing as it makes our singing louder and it is only a short set.
3) Andy and Jason will be at either end…other than that, stand where you like.
4) There is a bar area, gourmet food truck, wood fired pizza, ice cream van and two ukulele stands. Bring money!
5) Hawaiian theme – dress to impress.
6) The festival is at the Cinque Ports pub in line of sight of Rye train station.
7) Bring ukes, tuners, music stands (for the big busks), our Rye performance book, the big busk book and pegs.

Please remember that all are very welcome to join us at Rye – it really will be a brilliantly fun day. If anyone is very scared of being on the stage, then please still come for the big busks.

As our Ukulele performances don’t end with Rye, we do have some other forthcoming dates:
14th July – Uckfield Civic Centre. (6:45 for 7:30 start for 45 mins). Jerry thinks this timing is wrong and is clarifying – we will let you know!
13th August – busking in Lewes. Times to be confirmed.
21st August – Pevensey Uke Festival. More details to follow.
28th September – playing at Shaftesbury Court in Uckfield (indoors!!)

Performance book – following our discoveries of great new songs that we want to play, deconstruction and reconstruction of the performance book is under way, and Jason aims to have it ready for when we busk on 13th August.

Thank you again for a fabulous, glorious and brilliant evening – see those of you that can make it for more of the same on Sunday!!

X Abi

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