Aloha all you beautiful lot,

Thank you all for yet another brilliant evening on Wednesday.

We all had a lovely chat about our much missed friend Ted. We will all miss his loud shirts, great grin & his lovely spoon & uke playing. For those who are able to attend, Ted’s funeral is on Tuesday 27 September at 11.30am at Hellingly Church.

We had a go at the fantastic chord sequence for the riff in Everybody Needs Somebody. It’s a glorious half bar repeat of C – F – Bb- F. We’re all going to have a practice at it before we next meet – the F – Bb change is pretty tricksy!

Attached to this email is the wonderful & much anticipated Book Six – thank you Jason! It contains some absolute beauties.

Now for a reminder of some dates for your diaries:

28 September 2016 – Uckfield gig at Shaftesbury Court, TN22 1JB starting at 7pm.

2 November 2016 – Halloween night! Bring songs by dead stars.

5 November 2016 – Birthday Party gig at Christ Church, Lewes from 11am until noon.

14 December 2016 – CHU Christmas meal at The Dorset. Thanks again to Andy for organising this!

We even have several dates for next year already:

9 July 2017 – Rye Ukulele Festival

20 August 2017 – Pevensey Ukulele Festival

25-28 August 2017 (bank holiday) – provisional dates for the first, brilliant ukulele camp

That, as usual, is more than enough nonsense from me. Have a glorious weekend & see you soon.

Cool Hand Ukes songbook 5


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