Aloha from Jason

Aloha, you cow-poking, sarsaparilla sipping, Stetson stomping son-of-a-guns. What a brilliant evening last night, and you really got into the cowboy spirit. Thanks to Martin for our brilliant new cowboy book, and thanks to you all for your enthusiasm and cowboy outfits. You are all brilliantly bonkers. We welcomed new members Keith (who also plays with the Fletching group) and Pat (who saw us perform at Harveys Yard and wanted to join us). You are both very welcome and I hope you will will stay with us. Times are a-changing…for the better. Thanks to the generosity of Liz, and the brilliant work of Andy and Martin we now have a beautiful website and facilities for a newsletter. In the future you will be sent this update email via the website ( <> ) but while we wait for everyone to migrate and sign over to the new subscription service (see the front right hand side page of the website) I will continue to send this as a direct email. So some of you may get this twice for a short period, directly from me, and via the website, but we will have a cut-off date when all updates will be from the website only. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter (this email) please do so.

We have all benefitted from Andy’s generosity in producing songbooks, but it isn’t fair that Andy is left out of pocket. From this point if you need to have any of the books from Andy there will be a small charge to cover his materials and printing costs. It is still a bargain though, and thanks Andy for all you have done for us and continue to do in producing these beautifully bound songbooks.

We played and sang Don’t Say Aloha to David, who now leaves us for three months for an Australasian family trip of a lifetime. Bon Voyage David, and we look forward to seeing you safely back in early 2016. Vic joined us again with his beautiful melodeon. Vic got some well deserved rounds of applause and really adds to our sound. And Gary very kindly gave us a solo of Leaning on the Lampost. What a beautiful performance. Gary too got a big round of applause.

We had some discussions and votes last night. We discussed whether we should become a weekly group, and the resounding decision was that we should stay as we are (we next meet on 28th October). And an idea was floated that we might start charging a small subs fee, and use the money to buy kit for the group, but this too was soundly rejected and we agreed that if we needed to buy anything we would do this on a need basis and ask for donations. But if you have any ideas, feedback or want to become more involved, please let me know. This is not my group and I would like you all to get as involved as you want to be.

My apologies to Elaine who brought two brilliant songs for us to play but I completely forgot about them – Elaine, please bring these again. Dates for your diaries:

  • The Uckfield late night shopping gig is on 5/12/2015, and we are playing on the Uckfield FM stage between 2:30 – 2:55pm.
  • Our Christmas meal is on the evening of 9th December at the Dorset. And finally, next time we meet we will be looking at a few Christmas songs, as we might be expected to serenade the pub on the night of our Christmas meal, and might want to put one or two into our Christmas performance.

If you have any strong ukulele Christmas songs bring them along or email them out beforehand for all to print. And our next meeting is also 3 days away from Halloween, so think about some monster songs. My contribution to our Halloween theme is The Addams Family theme (attached). It isn’t a great song, but it is interesting in as much as it will have us doing some slightly different things as we play.

Love and peace to you all


pdf icon Addams_Family_Theme.pdf

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