Aloha friends

Hello beautiful friends,

Firstly, it’s with much sadness that I need to tell you of the sudden death on Thursday of our wonderful friend Ted Creasey. Ted was great fun & a joyful & brilliant performer. As well as being a fab uker he was a master of the spoons.


He brought much fun to both us and to the Pevensey group. I know that we will all want to send our love and condolences to Brenda & his family.

Wednesday night was another great evening, thank you everyone. We welcomed two new friends, Pat & Fran, to our lovely group. We hope you enjoyed yourselves & that we see you again soon. We sang some of our classics & then spent time on new songs like The Timewarp – this is already sounding great & will be in book 6 which Jason has nearly finished.

Thanks to those of you who came on the picnic on 4th September, we a great time eating, drinking & strumming – that’s the way to spend a Sunday. Whilst we were there the plan was hatched for a ukulele camp in 2017 – provisionally on the August Bank Holiday. We chatted on Wednesday and agreed that in principle it was a great plan & there was lots of excitement for it. Thinking caps on please for a location. Very exciting!

We also agreed that the Cool Hand Ukes Christmas Dinner would be on Wednesday 14 December at the Dorset Arms – a small way to thank the brilliant people at the pub for having us. Thanks Andy for volunteering to arrange it!

Another reminder that we will be wowing the crowds at Shaftesbury Court, Uckfield on 28th September – please print a sing-a-long book off so we have enough to hand out. Our Halloween evening will be on 2 November – bring along a song by a dead star – but make sure it’s one you are confident to play to us all if we don’t know it!

A reminder to those that are interested, that Jason & I will be starting up Nukehaven on Monday 12th September at 7.00pm in the Hope Inn, Newhaven. All are very welcome.

Finally, I will be bringing along some Cool Hand Uke badges next time – and if you know anyone who needs badges for anything let me know!

Lots of love to you all,
X Abi

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