Aloha CHU! £240 raised, updated books ready for picking & new performance dates

Aloha all, thanks for a great night back at the Dorset lots of fun, sing & strum-alongs and welcome to Jocelyn!

First a big thank you to all who risked frozen fingers for the Easter Saturday performance in Lewes High Street. The great news being that we, along with the Easter Bunny raised £240 for Cancer Research, Susan sends her thanks to all.

We have been working towards updating the Performance book and combining books 1-6 into a new book which (imaginatively I feel) I’ve termed The Other Book. It has the new songs we’ve tried recently added plus a few other suggestions provided by Jean. I propose we just update The Other Book regularly, adding any songs that pass a first play, and the transfer them to the Performance Book if it really passes muster. Both these books are available on the Songs page on the web site, or via these links:

Performance Book April 2018
The Other Book April 2018

Also, We’ve been asked if we’d like to carry out two performances, can I ask please you email me directly with your availability or keenness to do either or both. They are both outdoor events, so we’ll need at least 10 people I feel.

Sunday May 20th 10am-4pm – Southover Bonfire May Fayre
As last year, Southover Bonfire has asked us to join them for May Fayre and provide similar entertainment as last year. We can have a base from which to play, but would also like to promenade and busk from different areas. They have offered to donate £100 to our charity funds and also said we can raise money as we wonder around, so as we are there for a while there could be a good fund-raising opportunity, but we would need to make a commitment of several hours.

Saturday 7th July late afternoon – Uckfield Festival – Big Day
We’ve been invited to play towards the end of the day in the main event arena. (I’m assuming for up to an hour), more details to follow.

Andy x

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