Aloha Amigos

Aloha you beautiful bunch of strummers,

Thank you for another lovely evening on 1st June at The Dorset.

 We strummed our way through songs, old and new, and along with some of the gold in the Rye Big Busk Book we have found some brilliant songs for the start of Book 6 (Martin, please come back to us soon!).

We welcomed our new member and friend Bill, and hope he will join us again.

We chatted about our opening song and decided that we would like to change our opener. Somebody (David, I think) proposed Rockin’ All Over The World, as it is a great energiser. And with a show of hands the new opener became a reality. POW! The power of democracy.

The proposed ukulele picnic on 5th June is CANCELLED, because Jason chose a rubbish date that was difficult for most of us. We will strive to find a better date next time.

Our very good friends in the Pevensey Ukulele Group are organising their very own ukulele festival, and we have had an invite to play. It takes place in Pevensey on 21st August 2016… more details to follow.

Of course, we are at Rye on 3rd July 2016 – let’s make sure we take as many of us as possible along, and please do not let your talent or otherwise be a barrier. If you sit in the pub with us and play you have more than earned your right to stand uke-to-uke with us all at Rye.

We had a good chat about our bad run of weather (and lack of audiences) at Uckfield, Heathfield and Lewes, and we discussed that we would like to focus on some more indoor charity gigs, or homes. John Ball has kindly agreed to ask the Uckfield home again if they want us, and I invite you all, if you are engaged in any charity, group or home that would welcome us, please do offer our minstrel services.

Love to you all,

X Abi


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