Aloha – you beautiful strummers of Cool Hand Ukes. A few bits and pieces to tell you…

Firstly, a big THANK YOU to those of you who joined our new, fledgling Nukehaven group on Wednesday evening. As ever, you injected a lot of fun and energy into the evening, and it was a lovely glimpse for our new strummers of their direction of travel.

As you know, the Linklater Pavilion is our new home, and I know from speaking to many of you who know the building that you are as excited as I am about our move. Abi timed the walk from Friar’s Walk car park to the Linklater….1 minute, 14 seconds. The Dorset car park will be less than 5 minutes walk from the Linklater. I just wanted to say that in the run-up to Christmas there are one or two of our dates that we cannot have, due to our late booking at the venue, but most nights are fine, and next year looks fine. So, for your diaries, the remaining 2016 dates (all 7:30pm – 10pm) are..

  • Wednesday  2nd November (Halloween – Dead Stars Night)
  • Wednesday 30th November
  • Monday 19th December (Our Christmas party)
  • Wednesday 28th December

We were due to be at the Linklater on 14th December but they could not accomodate us that night, so I have asked for a different night that week in the hope at least most of you might be able to make it for a Christmas gathering. Bring food and drink to share on Friday 19th December, for our Yule-kulele night. We will sort out a Christmas songbook nearer the time.

Please start sending in your ideas for a Spook-ulele song book for our 2nd November Halloween night. The song must have been sung by a star who has since died. Please choose only one song each, and do choose songs within the groups ability (I still have nightmares about Ghostbusters and Thriller from last year!).

Other dates for your diaries
November 5th – birthday party gig 11am-Noon at Christ Church, Prince Edwards Road, Lewes.
First Cool Hand Ukes session of 2017 – 11th January (and from then on our bi-weekly rotation settles into its normal pattern)
Rye Ukulele Festival – Saturday 8th July 2017 (I have booked our place)
Pevensey Ukulele Festival – 20th August 2017
Ukulele camp 2017 – provisionally 25th – 28th August (Bank Holiday).

I am sorry for the recent uncertainty about our meeting dates, but Abi and I have done all we can to find a new, permanent home as soon as we could, as the thought of this brilliant group ending filled us both with dread…I adore you all.

And finally, I have attached the party invite Iris has sent out to all of her friends for the birthday party gig on 5th November…she is very excited that we are coming. If you have your own young children or grandchildren, feel free to bring them along for music and cake.


Love and peace

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