Ahoy there!…sorry, Aloha

Aloha & wotcha you lovely bunch. Wasn’t Wednesday night great – of course it was you’re all fabulous!

It was really lovely to see both some new faces & some that we’ve not seen for a while. We welcomed Laura & Jamie to our ranks for the first time. It was also great to see Ben & Julie, thank you Ben for the fabulous twiddly bits, brilliant. We hope that you will all come back to us again! It was lovely to see Gary again, who we’ve missed whilst he’s been busy with shows, thank you for indulging us all with your fabulous “Leaning on a Lamppost”!

Well, me writing this is an interesting experiment – I appear, whilst no doubt falling victim to some dastardly distraction technique, to have been assigned the role of “club secretary” although I think I prefer “Band PR”. I am assured that this is part of our groups great collective nature and that if you lot hate hearing from me – well then you can each have a go! I will try to be as eloquent & helpful as Jason usually is in these – but I warn you that by nature I have a tendency to ramble off into the realms of nonsense – so if I write again, good luck!

Anyhow. On Wednesday, alongside the usual fantastic jam we had a bit of a foray into picking, and in particular Travis Picking – this is simply (!) picking the strings in “4132” order – Jason is going to bring back Alleluia & House of the Rising Sun so that we can all give this a proper go & a practice  – it will be particularly great for both these songs.

We decided that we would not now be going busking for the good people of Lewes in March, but we will try to fix a date or two for later in the year – I have been busking and it is brilliant.

 Next time we meet, we should start to think about picking four songs for our set at Rye. Last night consensus seemed to be that we should take “Just say Aloha” back again – mainly because it is a beautiful song & perfect for Rye’s 2016 Hawaiian theme. Thinking caps on for the others!

Well, that is it from me…I apologise in advance for not being as good at this bit as himself – but hey, it was write this or take the lead on a Wednesday!!!

You’re all lovely – see you soon.

 Xx Abi


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