About Wednesday night

Aloha, dear friends. What a brilliant way to start our 2016 campaign. On Wednesday night we had guitars, homemade drum kits, spoons, triangles, shakers, kazoos, a mandolin and of course, 35 brilliant and beautiful ukulele players. What a great evening, and thank you all for the music. Please keep bringing any and all improvised or other instruments along as it really makes a wonderful difference to our sound. Here are some bits and pieces from me…

New members We were joined by several new members…you are all very welcome and I hope you will join us again for our fortnightly jams and / or for any of our performances. Speaking of which, we have a lot of dates coming up….

Dates for your diariess

  • 20th January – Big Mass Jam with Lewkulele (more details below)
  • 3rd February – Uckfield supported housing (see below)
  • 21st May – May Fayre in Lewes
  • 28th May – Sussex Ukulele Festival, Peasmarsh
  • 3rd July – Rye Ukulele Festival
  • 8th July – Uckfield Festival

My thanks to Andy and Martin for all they do on the website – we are being found and contacted by new members and event organisers, thanks to the presence we have on the inter-ma-web.

Big Mass Jam – 20th January 2016 we will be joining our Lewkulele friends at The Lewes Con Club for a Big Mass Jam, which will start at 7:30pm. Please bring our songbooks. I think that we will start by playing the songs we have in common, and then move on to playing one another’s songs that we do not each play. Please bring your usual selection of wacky, improvised instruments. For directions see the Con Club website at http://www.lewesconclub.com. Also, you can click here for a map of parking near the Con Club, Lewes

Uckfield Performance 3rd February John Ball has kindly sorted out this performance for us. We are playing at Shaftesbury Court for the residents there. Here is an email from John …

“The address for 3rd Feb is Shaftsbury Court, London Road, Uckfield. TN22 1JT. There are 2 car parks at the address but the largest one is located at the end of Cedars Close. (This is the turning opposite the speed camera on London Road).Shaftsbury court comprises of 2 blocks of flats with the Lounge in the centre where we will be. I will suggest that we will be arriving at 7.30 and starting soon after. Probably playing for about 1 hour unless they want more!!!”

So, see you there at 7:30pm, where we can set up quickly and get going for 7:45pm. Bring your songbooks, the performance book, and a copy of the singalong book on the website to share with our Uckfield friends. And this link shows you a map of Shaftesbury Court. ”  Click here for a Map / direction to Shaftesbury Court

Elivs Medley Reprieve I brought along some copies of our Elvis Medley in the keys of G and A, as the current one in C did not suit our range. All (most) agreed that G was easier, so I have changed the songbook and Martin has added it to our website. Please bring this new songbook (which I have dated 14/01/2016 on the footer) to any future performances.

Teapot Trumpets I invited you all to add to our brilliant sound by sourcing or making a trumpet for the next time we meet. I think that any kazoo parts will sound equally as good on a teapot, watering can, funnel or whatever. That is your mission – source an improvised trumpet. If enough of us have sourced suitable items we can trial these next week at the Con Club.

Burns Night and New Songs When we next meet it will be two nights after Burns Night, so I told you all I would bring a brilliant satire by the genius Billy Connolly. Please find attached his Two Little Boys in Blue. Bring this along on the 27th. And please also bring the attached Clash song. I played the riff for you, and we will spend some time playing with this…if we get this riff sounding good, this could be another performance song. And John has a Waltzing Mathilda style song to bring next time too.


Two little boys in blue

Al gave us a brilliant last verse for My Old Man’s a Dustman, which many of us have now stuck into our songbooks…thanks Al.

Thank you all again for a brilliant evening, and for the energy and fun you all bring with you.

Love and peace to you all Jason

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