About Last Night

Aloha, you beautiful bunch of strummers. Thank you all for another brilliant jam last night. What a great evening. We worked our way through our new Halloween songbook – thanks to Martin for putting this together, and to Martin and Andy for bringing copies to share. We also tackled some new songs, including Doo Wah Diddy. We agreed to return to this song when we found another version with some stops in to help us sing and play it. We welcomed new members Patricia and Geoff, and hope you will both join us again. Sam has asked that next time we meet on 11th November we start to confirm numbers for our Christmas meal and pay a £10 deposit. The meal is on 9th December. We played some of our performance songs for our Uckfield “gig” on 5th December. We decided that Urban Spaceman should be in the key of G rather than C so I will change this. Next time we meet we shall have a go at some Christmas songs (not too many) and have a Rock ‘n’ Roll theme night, picking existing songs from our collection. Feel free to circulate or bring any simple and not-too-traditional Christmas songs for us to try. We played Lyin’ Eyes for Lydia and her husband and all our thoughts and love are with them at this tough time. We want and need you all to keep bringing new songs to the group but some of the recent suggestions have been very ambitious. Please be mindful that your favourite songs may not translate well or be suitable for the group. Simple is often better, as evidenced by some of our brilliant and easy to sing 2 or 3 chord songs. But do keep new songs coming…it is an important part of the energy of the group. And finally, you will now get this update emailed to you from our website rather than directly from me. All our thanks to Andy and Martin for their brilliant work in setting up our website. It does everything we had ever hoped one would. I love you all and look forward to Rocking and Rolling with you on 11th November. Love and peace Jason

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