Hi folks,

We’ve had a message from Jack, landlord of The Dorset, saying that he has a need for the room we use, so Wednesday is no longer available for us. So I’m afraid we will either need to switch nights if we wish to stay at The Dorset, of find another venue if Wednesday is the preferred night.

The only night other night that the Dorset has regularly available are Monday evenings. WUP’s hold their jam on the 2nd and 4th Monday’s of each month so we need to avoid those nights, but having spoken further with Jack, the 1st and 3rd Monday’s of each Month are available, and perhaps on the odd 5-Monday-months we have an extra session if there is an appetite???

Alternatively, if Wednesday is the day that suits most folks, then we will need to find an alternate venue – does anyone have anywhere in mind, if so perhaps we enquire now?

I am seeing Jack tomorrow and hopefully get a little more detail as to when this change happens – it may be immediately or we may have one more session. I’ll drop another line afterwards. If it turns out to be immediate, it just so happens October is a 5-Monday-month, so perhaps we move next Wednesday’s session to Monday.

Can I ask for a show of hands please regarding:

a) Would you like to continue meeting?

b) If so, your preference for:

a. switch to 1st & 3rd (and maybe 5th) Monday’s of each month
b. find a new venue and continue on Wednesdays (venue suggestions please)
c. another day?

c) Short notice I know, but if we cannot meet on Wednesday 31st, and Monday 29th is an option, would you like to meet then as an alternative?

If you know folks who attend that are not on this email list, then please can you let them know. I’ll update the website and Dave or I will keep the facebook page updated with details as we know them…

Thanks, Andy

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