COOL HAND UKES is a ukulele group based in Sussex. We are a bunch of people who love to play the uke.

The Linklater Pavilion is our new home, starting from 2nd November  2016. The nearest car park is Friar’s Walk car park.  The walk timed at … 1 minute, 14 seconds. The Dorset car park will be less than 5 minutes walk from the Linklater.  We are only able to meet a few times before Christmas as the Pavilion is already booked, please check the News pages and the calendar for the specific dates, We start regularly  from 11th January 2017 on our regular fortnightly rotation.

We meet once a fortnight on a Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. Some of us are absolute beginners, others are accomplished ukulele players. The rest of us fall in between. But we all contribute, and we all have a good time. If you feel like joining in, come along and … join in! We welcome everyone. If you are just starting to learn the ukulele, come along and sing-along.  For part of the evening we play songs with well know chords, as well as some more challenging, but the emphasis is on fun.

Please bring any favourite songs that you would like to group to play, or send an email if you want any help finding or printing copies of that special song that means so much to you.

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